Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glee: Brittany

Heather Morris as Brittany
Brittany Biography

Although Brittany joined the Glee Club with fellow members of Santana Cheerios, Quinn to become a spy Coach Sylvester, it is clear that she was one of the unique. She a master at dramatic hair tossing ("hairography") who sometimes can not distinguish left from right and thought her cat secretly read her diary.

When the list of outstanding rating Popularity scandal club and association members, Brittany surprised ... that she was only in fourth place. She tries to seduce Kurt (the only guy at school he has not to date) to improve her ranking.

Brittany may not tack sharp, but she had the best of the three Cheerios at the Glee club. She helped Kurt to make music videos and make friends with classmates mental disability. Even when she leaking songs kids' set list for coach Sylvester, she realized, was not dangerous.

Brittany's best friend is a Cheerio Santana Lopez, and they are often seen hugging and holding hands during the exercise Glee.

Heather Morris Biography

Heather Elizabeth Morris was born dancing. When her parents recognized her natural gift for movement, the Thousand Oaks, CA, native was immediately enrolled in dance lessons.

After graduating from Arizona State University, Morris was invited to join Beyoncé's "I Am...Sasha Fierce" world tour. She also worked with choreographer Zach Woodlee on the 2009 film "Fired Up!."

Morris started studying acting at the famed Playhouse West with Robert Carnegie and continued to land dancing roles in television shows, including "Eli Stone" and "Swingtown," as well as in the film "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler.

She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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